Air Purifier Kleenair 2500R
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The Air Purifier Kleenair 2500R is designed for general purpose applications such as homes, small offices, beauty shops, boats, RV’s and mobile homes where space is confined and the odor   problems are moderate to severe.  The Air Purifier Kleenair 2500R is ideal in situations of high humidity, continuous sources of pollution, or where unusually persistent odors exist. Enclosed in an all aluminum case, this unit duplicates the clean fresh mountain air that occurs naturally outdoors by using ultra violet light to convert oxygen to ozone. In addition, it disperses negative ions which attach to particles floating in the air, making them too heavy to remain airborne. The particles then fall to the ground, minimizing your risk of inhaling them; two great solutions in one unit, ozone and ionization which will give you and your family clean, fresh air.


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Air Purifier Kleenair 2500R

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