Around the Neck Air Sanitizer
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When you are in an enclosed environment with  little air circulation (airplane, movie theatre, etc.) this around-the-neck unit is the perfect solution to creating fresh, purified air.  It is easy to use,  simply hang the cord around your neck or attach the clasp to your shirt pocket with the vent facing upward. The Personal Air Purifier BreatheKleen silently generates a constant stream of refreshing ions that kills bacteria and viruses. It also reduces irritating odors like tobacco smoke and even body odor without a fragrance that would simply mask the smell. This silent solution not only removes odors, but the negative ions also have the added  benefit of removing contaminants, like dust and pollen from the air by weighing them down until they drop to the floor. To kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate irritating odors and clean the air, place this unit on your chest, turn it on and relax.


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Around the Neck Air Sanitizer

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